4th: Bown Down collection

I present you my new collection. inspired by sm clothes. i know, usually i don't write a text with my post. But for this collection i really wanted to. because this collection is already a long time on my mind. I made this collection because this represents my taste in real life. I am a fashion student from belgium. And this represents what i  love, my style, the style i would love to give to my models. Sexy, powerful. Because i always wanted the women to look powerfull. she has to be.


6 commentaires:

  1. As a stylist in real life,I have to say this collection Freakin Fab!! I can see the direction you took with this edgy but sexy,bold and daring.Yassss! You better Werk and the new layout Rocks! Thanks :-D

    1. Well it's great that a stylist comes on my blog. anyway thanksfor those words.
      And for the lay out i can only thank Nina Onca.

  2. So excited to see this! Just fantastic!!! Thank you so very much

  3. this is beautiful beyind words, so well done and sexy!



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